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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Death Wobble

I am a jeep owner, but not just any jeep owner. A wrangler owner, 2007 jk x model if you must. If you happen to own a wrangler as well, then you will know how all of us do the "wave" when passing one another on the road. I have noticed most of us do the two finger, hands still tightly gripped on the wheel wave and I now know why. A few weeks ago, while doing sixty-five on a very crowded highway my jeep "Jerry" began to shake uncontrollably. A blown tire? No, the death wobble had just occurred. This happens when the manufacturers don't make enough and decide to leave vital parts out or just use legos for assembly. I drove forty the rest of the way home which was roughly twenty miles of straight "I should be doing sixty-five like everyone else highway". When I towed my jeep in to the dealership, irritated and sad, one of the mechanics came out and immediately says "got the death wobble, eh?". Really? The death wobble? You've got to be kidding. Not covered by warranty or factory recall, go figure. Money is shelled out for more legos, glue, and duct tape to fix the problem and I go on my merry way. It wasn't until after I paid that they inform me it could happen at any time, any place, again. Of course. So, I kept my death wobble and consider myself an adventurist that lives life on the edge for owning one of the death wobbles.
Oh, and the radio cuts out when the outside temperature is under seventy-two degrees.

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  1. Great first posting1 Now when are you trading the Jeep in for another vehicle?