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Sunday, May 15, 2011

House vs man round 1

  Have you seen that commercial where the couple is outside and the husband says "I'm going to wash the deck, not just wash the deck but POWER WASH the deck"? Then things go flying about, it seems it's a migraine medication advertisement. That's my husband, minus giving me the migraine part.
  We have an old house, 109 years old to be exact, and although lovely there is plenty in disarray. I'll get to the old tube fuses, unfinished floors and bathrooms, and kitchen remodel another time. Until then, let's start with why we need new plumbing immediately. On a side note, I read that British people name there houses and although it probably has something to do with the history of the house, I named ours Herman. Mainly due to the fact that I like the Munsters so much. That being said, there is an outdoor faucet on the back of Herman that my average sized husband twisted off while attempting to shut off the water. The knob didn't come off, the entire pipe broke in half. While the look on his face was priceless and made me giggle, I could hear our bank account cringe. He scampered over to the water meter, shut it off and all was right.
  Hardly. We now have no water. On the first trip to Lowes, we get a new faucet which ended up being the wrong size. Repeat first step again. On the third trip we end up with a rubber stopper and duct tape. Classy, I know. Rubber stopper and duct tape are applied and the water is back. A sigh of relief. It pops out like a champagne cork on new years. The water is off again and the hubs is onto a new idea. A pool cue. That's right, The stick you use to play billiards. Amazingly, it worked and we have water again. It did however, cause a hundred years of sediment in the pipes to stir up giving us a lovely shade of antique furniture to the water. Fortunately, our favorite plumber was able to come out four days later to remedy the problem.
  We now have a working faucet and water. New pipes under the entire house are soon to follow. Which will be nice. Then I can do a load of laundry and wash my hair in the sink at the same time. Oh, did I fail to mention the shower had to ripped out a few months earlier due to a massive leak? The joys of owning the money pit.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Death Wobble

I am a jeep owner, but not just any jeep owner. A wrangler owner, 2007 jk x model if you must. If you happen to own a wrangler as well, then you will know how all of us do the "wave" when passing one another on the road. I have noticed most of us do the two finger, hands still tightly gripped on the wheel wave and I now know why. A few weeks ago, while doing sixty-five on a very crowded highway my jeep "Jerry" began to shake uncontrollably. A blown tire? No, the death wobble had just occurred. This happens when the manufacturers don't make enough and decide to leave vital parts out or just use legos for assembly. I drove forty the rest of the way home which was roughly twenty miles of straight "I should be doing sixty-five like everyone else highway". When I towed my jeep in to the dealership, irritated and sad, one of the mechanics came out and immediately says "got the death wobble, eh?". Really? The death wobble? You've got to be kidding. Not covered by warranty or factory recall, go figure. Money is shelled out for more legos, glue, and duct tape to fix the problem and I go on my merry way. It wasn't until after I paid that they inform me it could happen at any time, any place, again. Of course. So, I kept my death wobble and consider myself an adventurist that lives life on the edge for owning one of the death wobbles.
Oh, and the radio cuts out when the outside temperature is under seventy-two degrees.